About KME

Artist Statement:

   Kristen Ettensohn describes herself as a lifelong student.  Quite literally, Kristen is a medical student at the University of Massachusetts. Artistically, she has been on a journey as a student artist since childhood.  She grew up painting and drawing independent of formal training other than high school art class.  She has always been touched by the beauty encountered in every day life and the way in which artists like Van Gogh and Cezanne have captured that beauty.  Her works primarily lie in the realm of landscape, though venture outside of that category when particularly inspired.  Bright, bold colors often dominate her canvas and this is for the simple fact that color makes Kristen happy.  Her art is heavily influenced from her travels and her impression of an area, often first captured by photograph.  As a result, Kristen has paintings commemorating her time in Peru, Mexico, Cape Cod, Austria, Colorado and the Dominican Republic. Most recently, Kristen has settled in the Boston area and her artwork reflects this move.  

    While busy as a medical student, Kristen has always set aside time for her art. She sold three pieces of work at a student fundraiser silent auction in 2007.  She also had two pieces of work exhibited in the UMass Medical 1st Annual Art Exhibit of 2008, and two pieces shown at the 2nd Annual Exhibit in 2009.  From 2007 through 2009, Kristen sat on the Massachusetts Medical Society’s Art, History, Humanity and Culture MIN Executive Committee as a student member.  She won first place for her painting, “Oaxaca, Mexico” in The New Physician 15th Annual Creative Art Contest printed in the July-August 2009 issue. Her work was also featured in the Legible Script magazine in 2009. 

    In the coming year, Kristen looks forward to having more time to develop as an artist.  She is enjoying her current artistic adventure and is excited about her most recent commissions to help her find a unique and expressive style. 

Kristen currently lives in the Boston area and spends much of her creative time with fellow artist and fiance, Paul Ryan (paulwryan.com). 

Artist. Athlete. Lover. Daughter. Friend. Sister. Reader.  Student-for-Life. User-of-color.


2010:  Artist Member of Cambridge Art Association


                Group Exhibits

2007:  Silent Auction UMass Student Fundraiser for a medical mission trip.  3 works entered and sold.

2008:  UMass Medical 1st Annual Art Exhibit.  2 works displayed.

2009:  UMass Medical 2nd Annual Art Exhibit.  2 works displayed. 


2009:  The New Physician 15th Annual Creative Art Contest, 1st place prize.

2009:   Artwork featured in the Legible Script magazine


2006-Present:  University of Massachusetts Medical School

2005:  Dartmouth College, BA.  Genetics, Cell, and Developmental Biology

A little more about KME...

Birthdate:  2/10/1983

Hometown: Cumberland, RI

High school:

Bishop Feehan High school


Dartmouth College

Major: Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology

Post Graduate:

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Favorite Artist: Vincent Van Gogh

Favorite Book:

Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

What am I reading?